Logexa platform, closed its first investment round (Seed), led by SEEDRA ventures. The investment round aims to expand Logexa’s services and develop its platform, and the platform aspires to expand to other cities in Saudi Arabia.

Logexa was founded in 2020 by Husam Sendi and Husam Sabano, who have deep experiences in the fields of logistics and digital transformation.

The platform offers on-demand storage services for small and medium businesses that need flexible storage without long-term contracts or minimum storage sizes. Logexa has different storage options (dry, chilled, frozen) in multiple locations in the Kingdom including Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam. It serves its customers through its network of service providers that have complementary and wide options, and enables customers to manage inventory and place orders through the platform’s website.

Commenting on the round, Husam Sendi founder and CEO of Logexa, said: “We are part of this world, we live with its problems and challenges and we all share this responsibility. One of the most important challenges that Logexa contributes to achieving is providing effective digital storage solutions to its target customers, and it will continue until it achieve its goals with the best standards.”

Source: Jawlah