Zid is an eCommerce as a service firm with an end-to-end solution, offering an easy-to-use eCommerce platform to launch an online store. Along with an ecosystem of payment, shipping and technology partners to seamlessly integrate and start selling with a few clicks.

Why we partnered

As Shopify has seen terrific success in creating a burgeoning ecommerce market for English speaking countries, Zid seeks to one-up Shopify. With a unique Arabic platform that blends ecommerce with local integrations to support businesses all from one application, Zid seeks to shake up the MENA region. Offering an online store, inventory management, delivery and payment integrations, Zid covers the e-commerce needs of any company looking to sell online.

With a great team of founders who have a successful track record of building and scaling companies, we see Zid on track to be a top platform for creating and enabling the launch of e-commerce businesses with ease throughout the MENA region.