CloudShelf offers logistical solutions to support e-commerce businesses through its chain of micro-fulfillment dark stores and integrations with key delivery platforms (inc. Jahez, Hungerstation, Salla, Zid). CloudShelf provides services around on-demand storage, fulfillment, delivery, and sales channel management to e-commerce stores, empowering the rapidly expanding quick commerce sector in the Kingdom to meet growing customer demands for swift fulfillment.

Lucidya is a B2B SaaS provider specializing in customer intelligence products for the Arab world powered by advanced technologies like machine learning, big data, and Arabic/English Natural Language Processing (NLP). The software collects, analyzes, and visualizes data from social and traditional media sources, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights for targeting their desired customers. As a result, Lucidya has become an essential component of every thriving B2C firm in Saudi Arabia, driving their success and growth.

Mabaat is an end-to-end property rental management platform that provides short-term travel stays. Mabaat provides a full range of services, including the properties management. The tourism sector in Saudi Arabia is witnessing rapid growth due to strategic projects and initiatives driven by Vision 2030. Mabaat is uniquely positioned to bridge the expanding supply gap and establish dominance in this industry by leveraging its technology and expertise.

Gameball is a customer engagement and retention platform that assists online brands in personalizing, rewarding, and gamifying their consumers’ omni-channel experiences. Gameball is an integrated loyalty platform that captures and measures certain events from the brand’s online or physical interfaces. With potential for expansion across the entire e-commerce market and seamless integrations with popular platforms, the company is only scratching the surface of its potential. By utilizing Gameball, businesses can create a captivating experience for online consumers.

Dawul is an online social trading platform that caters to beginner investors, offering automated trade execution options and the ability to follow professional traders and their portfolios. By providing access to investment fund data and powerful analytics tools, Dawul empowers users to make informed investment decisions. Dawul creates a unique market for financial services, connecting experienced traders with those who wish to learn from and emulate their strategies. Dawul stands in a distinctive position to offer retail investors an alternative to the traditional investment bank approach by providing access to wealth management solutions.

Tamara provides a convenient and flexible “buy-now, pay-later” (BNPL) solution that allows users to make cross-border payments and divide their purchases into up to four interest-free instalments, catering to both online and in-store merchants and customers. With the increasing consumer demand and the rapid growth of e-commerce, the concept of BNPL is gaining distinct momentum compared to traditional credit cards. Tamara is notable for being the first BNPL FinTech company to get granted a permit by the SAMA.

Telfaz11 is a disruptive and creative multi-channel media studio specializing in comedy, entertainment, storytelling, and the creation of locally and universally relevant content. With a focus on keeping users entertained and enabling brands to effectively advertise themselves, Telfaz11 has emerged as a prominent provider of new-age media creations. As a comprehensive one-stop-shop for online media productions, Telfaz11 thrives in adapting to the evolving demands of consumers, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the dynamic media landscape of the MENA region.

WakeCap is an Internet of Things (IoT)-based enterprise that offers a cutting-edge solution revolutionizing the construction industry. The “Site-Mesh-Network,” which provides real-time data on worker location, congestion, and productivity across construction sites, is integrated with Wakecap’s smart hardhats. This improves safety, productivity, and project management with its simple-to-install snap-on module for traditional hardhats. As construction continues to thrive globally, Wakecap is a vital investment for improving efficiency and coordination on any construction site.

Squadio, previously Ibtikar, is a marketplace that provides dedicated technology squads remotely. With a few clicks, Squadio allows clients to easily build a comprehensive technology teams to meet their specific business requirements. With a focus on helping organizations navigate the challenges of recruiting and managing their technology needs, Squadio acts as a facilitator for forming and overseeing remote teams. As the global demand for technology talent continues to rise, Squadio’s team-as-a-service (TaaS) solution presents itself as an ideal solution to address this challenge.

Dailymealz is a food delivery platform designed to foster healthy eating habits. The platform brings together the curate healthy food restaurants in Saudi Arabia, enabling users to subscribe to either weekly or monthly meal plans, each offering nutritious meals every day with full control over the subscription. Beyond enhancing the lunch experience for employees, Dailymealz offers convenient and affordable access to meals during work hours; ensuring employee retention. By changing the way meals are delivered, Dailymealz addresses the needs of both employees and organizations, ultimately fostering a positive and satisfying work environment.

Lendo is a FinTech platform that fills a funding gap left by large institutions, including banks, by providing debt financing for SMEs. Lendo supports the financial growth and stability of SMEs by offering funding for forward sales invoices. This not only enables immediate cash flows but also facilitates debt financing through crowd-funding from investors seeking short-term investment opportunities. Due to their dedicated efforts in eliminating the costs and challenges typically associated with traditional financing, Lendo stands out as a favorable option. Notably, Lendo is the first company in Saudi Arabia to be licensed by SAMA in Crowd-lending.

Sabbar is an on-demand staffing platform that enables large enterprises to streamline their recruiting process from sourcing to onboarding, allowing them to save time and cost on recruitment functions. By understanding the needs of modern flexible workers, Sabbar empowers them and businesses alike, revolutionizing the perspective of retail, hospitality, and entertainment sectors. The rapid growth of the ‘gig economy’ has brought significant transformations in the way both workers and businesses position themselves in the market.

Noon Academy is a social e-learning platform in Saudi Arabia with operations in 8 countries throughout the Middle East. The platform digitally prepares students for exams by facilitating engagement and collaboration with teachers and peer study groups. Through the supplementing of regular curricula with online classrooms and educational content, Noon Academy turns studying and test preparation into an enjoyable and interactive experience. Noon Academy takes pride in connecting students with quality tutors, creating a conducive environment for effective learning.