Musaab is the CEO of Al Muhaidib Entertainment Ventures. He holds a board membership at Al Muhaidib Group and serves as the Chairman of Masdar Building Materials. In addition, he maintains board memberships across a number of the Group’s subsidiaries as well as other organizations, including Shaker LG Group, Goldman Sachs Saudi Arabia, Sharaco Hospitality, Endeavour Saudi Arabia, and the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Recognized as an active entrepreneur and strategic leader in various sectors, Musaab’s experience throughout his career has encompassed the complete business cycle from initiation and investment to value creation and expansion.

Abdullah is the Chief Investment Officer at Abunayyan Holding. Through his role at Abunayyan Holding, he holds memberships on various boards and committees, and mentors startup companies. Abdullah brings with him years of experience in investment management, makes him an ideal candidate to help SEEDRA Ventures achieve its mission of supporting and investing in innovative startups.

Abdullah’s years of experience in the field of investment management have allowed him to build up a toolkit of skills beneficial to the company, enabling him to identify potential market opportunities and develop strategies with which to capitalize on them.

Haitham is an experienced investment professional with a successful track record in helping companies realize their full growth potential. Over the span of his career, Haitham’s experience covered the entire private equity investment cycle from origination and investment to value-creation and exit.

Haitham’s expertise has been recognized through his involvement with various Investment Committees throughout the GCC region, providing ongoing advisory support to management. Prior to co-founding SEEDRA, Haitham was a Principal at Amwal AlKhaleej, a Riyadh-based Private Equity firm.

Abdullah is the Chairman & CEO of Al Munif Holding Co., a prominent company established in Riyadh in 1998. Abdullah is the founder behind several leading businesses including household names such as Anoosh, 9Round Fitness, Southwind Telecom (key business unit acquired by STC) Road logistics and Sparks Academy.  In addition to being a founding member of Oqal, a growing national organization of angel investors, Abdullah is a prominent member of EO, Riyadh Chapter, and an esteemed mentor at the Endeavor Saudi.

Abdullah has also been recognized as an active technology entrepreneur and

angel investor in early-stage technology companies including Jisr HR, Salasa Logistics and MONH.

Abdullah is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor in the technology space. He mentors and helps companies in Business Modeling, Operational Design, Team Development, and Technology Assessment.

In addition to having an extensive business background having worked in Saudi Aramco, PwC, and SIDF, Abdullah has a knack for technology innovation and has a registered patent from USPTO Last Mile Logistics.

Abdullah has played an instrumental role in startups and large corporates to drive results and impact over the past 17+ years and is now putting his experience to support portfolio companies.

Waleed is a rising investment professional, with a strong research background and is an active columnist on leading investment forums. Prior to joining SEEDRA Ventures, Waleed was part of Falcom Financial Services’ Investment Banking team, where he was involved in developing comprehensive sector reports, preparing in-depth financial analysis, and constructing comprehensive financial models. Waleed has also worked as Investment Analyst at Riyadh Valley Company (RVC) and was a key part

of the RVC’s team that assessed over 400 investment opportunities.

Waleed serves as an advisor at Squadio and sits on the board of Haseel. Moreover, Waleed contributes as a business writer at Jawlah, inspiring and educating entrepreneurs, investors, and industry enthusiasts.

Mohamed is an Executive Vice President for Product Management and Digital Transformation at Takamol Holding. With a 17-year background in building and scaling products and startups, Mohamed offers expertise in areas such as Product Management, Strategic Planning, Business Growth, and the use of Technology. Mohamed has a solid track record of transforming ideas into value-creating products.

Abdulrahman is a Partner at Mithaq Law Firm, specializing in Corporate and Commercial Litigation, Real Estate Dispute Resolution, M&A, among others. With an 8-year background in the legal field, Al Fuhaid offers expertise in navigating the intricate legal landscape of the Kingdom, assisting businesses with various legal domains.

Al Fuhaid has consistently demonstrated his legal prowess in the courtroom, with a track record of successful case outcomes.

Mostafa is the Founder and CEO at Omniful – a sophisticated platform for omnichannel operations management. His entrepreneurial journey spans over 15 years, marked by the establishment and expansion of various tech-based startups focused on e-commerce in the Middle East.

Mostafa’s successful track record includes roles such as Principal at SEEDRA Ventures, GM at Holidayme in KSA, CEO of, and co-founder of He has also had the privilege of serving as the Director of e-commerce at ITIDA, an Egyptian Government Entity.

Maged is a financial expert with a proven track record of success in the finance and accounting fields. As the VP of Finance & Investor Relations at Seedra Ventures, Maged brings over 20 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the table. Throughout his career, Maged has worked in various industries, including manufacturing, retail, and capital companies. This diverse experience has given him a wide profile, allowing him to develop a strong understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that these industries present.

Maged’s expertise is further strengthened by various qualifications and accreditations, including CFA-IF and FMVA.

Maher is the Community Manager at SEEDRA Ventures. He holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool and has extensive experience after working for +15 years in various roles as Project Manager and Community Manager focusing on strategic management at multiple corporates.

Maher is fluent in five languages. In his free time, he is continuously playing Oud and Violin.

Junaid is the Chief Investment Officer at Al Muhaidib Group. In his role, he manages various investments and strategies, and offers mentorship based on his extensive experience. Junaid brings with him nearly three decades of experience in investment banking and investment management, making him an instrumental figure in guiding SEEDRA Ventures’ investment decisions.

Junaid’s years of experience in investment banking and management have enabled him to build a robust set of skills, allowing him to identify market opportunities and develop strategies to leverage them.

Abdullah is a key advisor and leader in the F&B sector, leveraging his expertise to drive strategic development in the industry. He serves on the executive team at Daily Picks Company, leading the expansion of the PICK brand in Saudi Arabia. He also advises on and leads the strategic planning for Light Field Company’s brands, NUMO and CORE. Combining Food & Tech, he serves as a market strategy and expansion expert for Virtual Solutions Company’s mobile app, V-Thru.

Beyond corporate leadership, Abdullah advises the Emiri Diwan on youth programs to foster entrepreneurship. He also holds several board memberships, serving in both representative and advisory roles.

Muslim is a dynamic finance professional, bringing a strong academic background and experience across various sectors to his role. Prior to joining SEEDRA Ventures, Muslim was part of RSM Saudi Arabia, where he served as Semi Senior Transaction Consultant. In this role, he led financial due diligence workstreams for clients in sectors such as fashion, medical services, and manufacturing, and conducted loan valuation reports and business valuations in industries including Information Technology, E-commerce, Food and Beverage, and Insurance.

Before his journey with RSM, Muslim began his professional career as a finance intern at Abdullah bin Saedan & Sons Real Estate Co. The experience provided him with an invaluable insight into the financial operations within the real estate sector.

Husam is a dynamic office management professional, bringing a strong background in administration to his role. Prior to SEEDRA Ventures, Husam built a successful freelance career spanning over 5 years, demonstrating versatility and adaptability across various projects.

At SEEDRA Ventures, Husam serves as an Investment Assistant. In this role, he coordinates various investment team initiatives and ensures communication policies align with the evolving regulatory landscape. He actively promotes compliance awareness.