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Mohamed is the Vice President of Product Management at Takamol Holding. He helps companies in Product Management, Strategy, Growth, and Technology. Mohamed has an extensive background in transforming ideas into value-creating products.

A lawyer and legal consultant, Abdulrahman Al Fuhaid is well-versed in matters regarding Corporate and Commercial Litigation, Real Estate Dispute Resolution, M&A, Joint Ventures, Startups, Corporate Restructurings, Licensing and Regulation, and Government and Compliance.

With over eight years of experience helping businesses navigate the complex and ever-changing legal landscape in the Kingdom, he is an expert solutions-driven litigator with a track record of success in the courtroom.

From analysis to trial and appeal, he has litigated cases for clients operating in a variety of critical sectors: Food and Retail, Industrial Services, Business Support Services, Transportation and Logistics, and Financial Services.

Beyond his expertise within the courtroom, Abdulrahman is a seasoned mediator resolving numerous conflicts with strategic objectivity and pragmatism. This has saved his clients hundred of millions that could have otherwise been wasted in lengthy and costly court cases.

An avid learner of everything to do with law, he has a Master of Laws (LLM) from Queensland University of Technology and a license to operate as a Certified Compliance Officer.

Al Fuhaid is a partner at Mithaq Law Firm, since 2020. He has also served as a Legal Consultant in Al Muhaidib Group and board member in ESAD Human Resources Company and other companies, he held Company Secretary to the Boards of Group companies: Emdad, the HR and recruitment company, since 2014; Himmah Logistics, from 2016-2017; and Al Arkkan Training Center Co., since 2017

Mostafa is a serial entrepreneur with a decade of building and scaling VC-funded e-commerce & internet-based tech startups in the Middle East. He is the founder of Omniful – A simple and powerful platform for omnichannel operations management. Prior to that, he held the position of Principle at SEEDRA Ventures, Mostafa was the GM of Holidayme in KSA, CEO of, Director of E-Commerce at ITIDA (An Egyptian Government Entity), and co-founder of

Maged M. Fawzy is a financial expert with a
proven track record of success in the finance
and accounting fields. As the VP of Finance &
Investor Relations at Seedra Ventures,
Maged brings over 20 years of experience
and a wealth of knowledge to the table. His
expertise is supported by multiple
qualifications and accreditations, including
CFA-IF, FMVA, and more.

Throughout his career, Maged has worked in various industries,
including manufacturing, retail, and capital companies. This diverse
experience has given him a wide profile, allowing him to develop a
strong understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that
these industries present.

Maged’s passion for accounting and finance has been a driving force
throughout his career. He is committed to providing exceptional
financial advice and guidance to clients as a finance expert. His ability
to offer valuable insights and recommendations has been instrumental
in helping clients achieve their financial goals.