Maged Fawzy

VP Finance and Investor relations

Maged M. Fawzy is a financial expert with a
proven track record of success in the finance
and accounting fields. As the VP of Finance &
Investor Relations at Seedra Ventures,
Maged brings over 20 years of experience
and a wealth of knowledge to the table. His
expertise is supported by multiple
qualifications and accreditations, including
CFA-IF, FMVA, and more.

Throughout his career, Maged has worked in various industries,
including manufacturing, retail, and capital companies. This diverse
experience has given him a wide profile, allowing him to develop a
strong understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that
these industries present.

Maged’s passion for accounting and finance has been a driving force
throughout his career. He is committed to providing exceptional
financial advice and guidance to clients as a finance expert. His ability
to offer valuable insights and recommendations has been instrumental
in helping clients achieve their financial goals.